Spring 2021

Thanks to...Prof. Alvin Tran!

"Dr. Tran has helped me in every step. He is so good in teaching. He helped build my confidence. I am really blessed to have Dr. Tran as my teacher as my mentor. I would love to learn more from him."

--Anirudh Goyal

"Thank you for your wonderful lectures and interactive teaching."



"Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for doing everything possible to accommodate commuter students like myself during the semester, and for also accommodating me when my schedule interviewee took sick at the last moment of my interview. Always being available to answer questions and give POSITIVE FEEDBACKS..THANKS SOOOO MUCH. YOU MADE MY COMING BACK TO COLLEGE AFTER 10 YEARS A BIT EAISER WITH ALL THE NEW DEVELPOMENTS SINCE UNDERGRAD SCHOOL...THANK UDR. TRAN...ALL THE BEST."

--Shaunette Tereasa James-Marquis


Alvin Tran