• Devon Moore

Faculty Tutorial Spotlight: GroupMe with Maria Tcherni-Buzzeo

GroupMe is a group messaging app that allows the user to communicate instantly with a group or team. GroupMe can be used in class to encourage participation or share links with students. It can also be helpful for facilitating group work or small group discussions.

GroupMe Tutorial

This CTE faculty tutorial was created by Maria Tcherni-Buzzeo. She likes this app because it allows her to share links to live polls in class or to ask students a question and get everybody to respond by typing & sending in their answers. She reports that the only downside (which can sometimes be an upside) is that it is not anonymous--each student is identified by their name. She finds it very similar to a Zoom-like chat option during a standard on-campus class.

This program offers versions of the app to be used via smartphone or computer.

Thank you to Maria for sharing this resource!

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