• Jenna Sheffield

Faculty Fellows Applications due 11/30

Recently, the CTE announced a call for Faculty Fellows. We are thrilled that this initiative is being supported, and we hope that you will consider applying!

Currently, we are seeking three Faculty Fellows to join the CTE to offer workshops and other pedagogical support.

Faculty Fellows' Role

The idea behind the Faculty Fellows positions is to draw on our faculty members' strengths so the CTE can offer programs, events, and resources that stem from diverse disciplines and varied pedagogical perspectives. When it comes to being part of our community of teaching, the more ideas the better.

CTE Faculty Fellows will participate in the CTE’s services, such as providing confidential, formative teaching observations and individual teaching consultations to UNH faculty members. They will also create CTE-sponsored workshops and a deliverable (such as a white paper or online module) that will have a broad impact on pedagogy across the university. The Faculty Fellows will also gain valuable leadership experience in the role as CTE staff members.

Each fellow will have expertise in one or more pedagogical areas, such as teaching service-learning courses or leveraging the Makerspace.

Application Process

Appointments will most likely begin in January 2021, although they may be delayed until summer or fall 2021. Selected fellows will receive a stipend award and course release to support their work. To learn more about the benefits of the Faculty Fellows or appointment details, visit our Faculty Fellows information page. The application form is on the information page as well.

Applications are due November 30, 2020. Please feel free to contact the CTE staff if you have questions about the application process. We're happy to answer your questions, and we look forward to potentially working with you!

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