Open Pedagogy Fellowships

The Open Pedagogy Fellowship, funded by the Davis Educational Foundation and William Bucknall Excellence in Teaching Award, supports faculty in developing Open Educational Resources (OER) and using student input to transform a course or multiple courses. Each year, 8 faculty members will be selected to participate. These fellows will receive the following support:

  • Training in the principles of open pedagogy, best practices for creating Open Educational Resources (OER), and student-centered course design 

  • A stipend ($3,000) that supports their efforts in creating OER, participation in the training, contributions to the project website, and commitment to serve as future mentors  

  • An optional “mini grant” (up to $1,000) for additional funding needs that may arise from their OER project, such as purchasing tools for interactive web design and content production 

  • A simple process for engaging with students who have been trained to provide constructive feedback on materials during the course revision process 

  • Support from project leads (Mary Isbell and Jenna Sheffield) on integrating student input from mid-semester feedback and course evaluations to continue refining their courses 

Faculty fellows will:

  • Share a reflection about their course transformation on our program website 

  • Incorporate OER into at least one course within one year of their participation  

  • Serve as a mentor to at least one future faculty member  


The review of applications will begin on January 31, 2021.


Generally, appointments last from May 2021- August 2022. Most of the faculty members' work will happen during summer 2021 for the first round of fellows. There will also be two 2-hour training sessions--one in March 2021 and one in April 2021 (all remote). Participating faculty will serve as a mentor to at least one faculty member in summer





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Mary Isbell & Jenna Sheffield, Project Leads

We recognize that expensive textbooks and other for-profit resources are often chosen out of habit or perhaps because faculty are uncomfortable going it alone; our goal with this initiative is to build a community that makes the shift toward open educational resources within your grasp.

View this recording of our recent information session to learn more about the logistics and application process! 


Important Application Tips:

  • We strongly recommend writing your responses in Word and later copying and pasting them into the form below.

  • You may need to be logged into myCharger in order to submit your response.

  • This program is separate from CTE Faculty Fellows. Faculty are welcome to apply for both!

  • Applicants may want to visit the full project website to learn more