Information for

New Faculty

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you join our community of active scholars and engaged teachers. This page provides information on a variety of topics that are likely to be important to you as you begin your career at the University of New Haven. Please feel free to use the contact information provided on this page to request any additional information that you cannot find here.

On-boarding Checklist

Important tasks to complete before the semester begins.

Important Contacts

Key members of the University community to contact for assistance.

Settling In

Resources both on and off campus to help you feel at home.

teaching Resources

Information on high-impact practices, tech tools, and more


Access our advising manual, tools, and information needed for effective advising.

Information Technology

Key resources and contact information for all tech-related needs.


University-sponsored support for research initiatives.

faculty Governance

Faculty Handbook, Academic Affairs Operating Guidelines, Academic Policies, and more.

On-boarding Checklist

Below are some important items for you to attend to before the semester officially starts. Click the links for more information! 




Key members of the University community to contact for assistance. Click for professional biography and contact information


Mario Gaboury
Interim Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

(203) 932-7253


Glenn McGee

Deputy Provost
(203) 479-4192

maria-isabel-carnasciali (1).jpg

Maria-Isabel Carnasciali
Assistant Provost for Program Assessment and Effectiveness 
(203) 932-7159


Donna Cerami

Executive Assistant to the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
(203) 932-7267


Hanko H. Dobi

University Librarian
(203) 932-7191


Cindy Gallatin

Chief Digital Learning Officer

tiffany-hesser (1).jpg

Tiffany Hesser
Assistant Provost for Advising & Retention
(203) 931-2982


Vincent Mangiacapra

Associate Vice President - Information Technology & CIO

(203) 932-7058


Lisa Scranton

Director of Faculty Support Services and Administrative Process Improvement

(203) 932-7485


Christine Shakespeare
Vice Provost for Policy & Program Coordinator

(203) 932-7377


Jenna Sheffield
Assistant Provost for Curriculum Innovation
(203) 932-7367


Gordon Simerson

University Accreditation & Assessment Officer

(203) 932-7290


Alvin Tran

Assistant Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

(203) 479-4715


Susan Turner

Director, Institutional Research

(203) 932-7478

Settling In

On Campus

Beyond Campus

  • Relocation Advice (tips on where our faculty live, information for trusted relocation services, and contact information for local preschools)

  • Food, Drinks & Activities (a list of some of our faculty’s favorite restaurants, café's, breweries, hiking trails, playgrounds and more!)

  • Daily Nutmeg (lots of great information about upcoming events, entertainment, restaurants, shops, etc.) 

Most of the resources you need as a faculty member are available within MyCharger, but it takes some time to familiarize yourself with the interface. 

View the video below to get a tour of MyCharger!

Teaching Resources

High-Impact Practices & Pedagogical Support

Teaching Tools

  • Canvas: Faculty are strongly encouraged to use our LMS, Canvas. The Canvas homepage can also be located via the MyCharger homepage. Visit the university's Canvas information page to get information about helpful contacts, live Canvas training, and online tutorials.

  • Kaltura (Use the Kaltura video platform to record class sessions, give feedback on students' papers, record other screencasts, create a video quiz, and more. Integrated with Blackboard and available as a link at the top of the Blackboard homepage. Help and resources here.)

  • Zoom (Use zoom to hold class on a snow day, conference remotely with students, and attend meetings from afar. Instructions for download.)

  • Cool Tools Archive (EdTech Digest)

  • (a collaborative text annotation tool)

Other Resources



Advising is an important part of being a faculty member at the university. Reach out to your department chair, colleagues, and/or the contacts listed on this page to receive assistance with learning how to advice. Be sure to read the advising manual (linked below), which will make your life as an advisor much easier!


Information Technology

Information Technology exists as its own tab in the left-hand navigation bar of MyCharger. We have singled out a few resources here, but visit the Information Technology tab for more information.



The university offers a variety of resources to support your research efforts. We also encourage faculty to research with students. See the links below for more!



Faculty Governance