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Trauma-informed Teaching and Learning: Principles, Practices, and Grading

Trauma-informed Teaching and Learning: Principles, Practices, and Grading

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Jan 13, 11:00 AM


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Lead by guest speaker Janice Carello, this workshop will provide an introduction to trauma-informed approaches in higher education: what it means to become trauma-informed, why it’s important for college instructors and staff, and what it looks like in practice. The workshop will cover the definition, types, and prevalence of trauma; the difference between resilience, stress-related and posttraumatic growth; the impact of trauma on learning and emotion regulation; and the difference between trauma-informed care and traumaspecific services. Participants will practice recognizing and addressing signs of stress and applying TI principles to college settings. Attendees will receive resources to aid further learning and professional development.

Janice Carello, Ph.D., LMSW, (she/her) received her Ph.D., MSW degree and a Certificate in Trauma Counseling from the University at Buffalo. Her scholarship focuses on retraumatization in educational settings and trauma-informed approaches in higher education. In addition to a previous publication, she co-edited two forthcoming books on these topics: Lessons from the Pandemic: Trauma-Informed Approaches to College, Crisis, Change and Trauma-Informed Pedagogies: A Guide for Responding to Crisis and Inequality in Higher Education. Trauma-informed teaching and learning resources are available on her blog:

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