2021-2022 William L. Bucknall Excellence in Teaching Award

Nominations Due: Wednesday 9/29 by 5 pm

The William L. Bucknall Excellence in Teaching Award is a $25,000 award supported by former University of New Haven Board of Governors Chair and distinguished alumnus Bill Bucknall ’63 A.S.,’65 to recognize exemplary teaching by full-time faculty at the University. Recipients will be recognized for outstanding instruction both inside and outside the classroom. Evidence of engaged teaching practices should be demonstrated throughout the recipient’s teaching portfolio, and a progressive record of leading high-impact experiential activities with students outside typical instructional settings is also required. Faculty scholarship and service performance should meet or exceed departmental expectations for promotion in rank.


The $25,000 award will be distributed as a $15,000 one-time payment to the award winner soon after the award event that will take place in November 2021, with a $10,000 budget provided during the 2021 calendar year to cover expenses related to professional development (e.g., conferences or workshops), teaching and research expenses/resources (e.g., classroom supplies, student field trips, guest speaker travel expenses, equipment, software or other technology for teaching, or a stipend for a teaching assistant), or other expenses related to innovative teaching practices or assessment.


Award Criteria

  • Candidates must be full-time faculty members who have completed at least two years (four semesters) of full-time service at the University.

  • Candidates should demonstrate evidence of innovative approaches to teaching both inside and outside the classroom that encourage students to apply classroom theory to real-life situations.

  • Candidates should be recognized by peers and students for outstanding instruction and have an overall record of performance that meets or exceeds expectations for their rank as outlined in departmental elaborations.

  • Candidates must be willing to share student course evaluations, course syllabi, and sample materials as evidence of engaged teaching methodologies and be prepared to articulate how they evaluate the impact of their teaching practices on student learning.

  • Candidates must demonstrate involvement in the development of new programs, courses, activities, or media/approaches for learning.

  • Candidates must commit to sharing their teaching practices via submissions to teaching and learning journals or conferences and at University of New Haven campus workshops.

  • Candidates will be expected to support the efforts at the University to advance high-impact experiential education through activities that are appropriately matched to their strengths.


Nomination Process

Self or peer nominations will be accepted. Self and peer nominations should be submitted via email by Wednesday, September 29, to cte@newhaven.edu. Nominated faculty will then receive an email requesting the required materials.