Tips for New Adjunct Faculty at the University of New Haven

While you wait for your University credentials (username, email, and password), review some information to become acclimated to campus.

Once your University credentials have been received, you will be able to log into myCharger (aka the “portal”) to access various University systems. Below, we give you a sneak peak.

Helpful Contacts & Additional Information  to help you navigate the University.

While you wait for your University credentials (username, email, and password), below is some information to get you started acclimating to the University.

Getting Around Campus

Below are a few helpful resources for you to explore related to getting to know our campus:



You will not be able to register for a University parking permit until you receive your credentials. In the meantime, please contact Parking services at (203) 932-7014 for a guest or temporary pass. The University Parking map can help you determine which will be the best lot for you to park in depending on where your classes may be.

Academic Policies

Our academic policies are available in our Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas. If you'd like to view them prior to getting Canvas access, contact the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at CTE@newhaven.edu and we will share a copy with you.


Syllabus Templates

Our most recent college-specific syllabus templates are available here. Check with your department chair or department administrative assistant to see if there’s a department-specific syllabus template you should be using for your course(s).


Ordering Textbooks

Textbook orders are placed through the campus bookstore. If you’re planning to use a textbook for your course, contact your department’s support staff for instructions on the process. If you’re not sure who your department administrative assistant is, visit the main University website and type your department name into the search bar. Once you click on the department’s page, scroll down to “meet our faculty” and click. Typically, the department administrative assistant’s contact information will be available at the top, right-hand side of the page.

Academic Calendar

Always check the University website for the most up to date academic calendar.


The most up-to-date information regarding case statistics and the University alert levels can be found on the COVID-19 Dashboard. Links to other resources regarding the University’s response to COVID-19 can be found on the Phased Plan for Return to Campus page.


Once University Credentials have been received, you will be able to access the resources outlined below.​

 myCharger is our internal portal. This platform will be your starting point to access key resources and information such as:


  • Your university MS Office 365 email  account.

  • Self-Service Banner (SSB), where you access course rosters and update your contact information.

  • Helpful information on the Employee Resources page and Faculty Resources pages, including teaching resources, syllabus templates, and faculty training & development opportunities.


Submit a request for a University of New Haven ID card by completing the Campus Card Request form.


Submit a request for a University of New Haven Parking Permit by completing a form on the Faculty and Staff Parking Information page.


When you have been assigned to a course in SSB, you will be able to:

  • Access SSB Faculty Services section to obtain your official class roster.

  • View/print the picture roster.  You must be on campus or connected to the VPN to access picture rosters for your courses. Away from campus, you can connect to the VPN to access picture rosters for your courses. (Hyperlink "VPN" to )

When enrolled as an instructor in a Canvas course, you will be able to:

  • Add your syllabus to your course and email students in Canvas.


Below are some helpful contacts and information to help you navigate the University.

Important Contacts

For general questions about Canvas and related systems contact the Digital Learning team (digitallearning@newhaven.edu). To request assistance with course design in Canvas, contact the Instructional Designer focused on your college:


For any questions related to using SSB, contact Lisa Scranton (lscranton@newhaven.edu).


Other technology issues: Contact the HelpDesk at help@newhaven.edu or call 203.932.8324 with any non-training issues such as problems logging in, smart classroom equipment, or wireless or wired network connections.

Fun with Acronyms & Naming Anomalies!

  • BSAC vs. Bartels: The Bartels Student Activity Center is a building in the center of campus behind Maxcy Hall between Bixler Hall and Gerber Hall. This building is known as BSAC. It houses the Career Development Center as well as quiet study and meeting spaces. It can be confused with Bartels Hall, which is located on the main quad across from Maxcy Hall and next to Buckman Hall. Generally referred to as “Bartels,” this is where the Marketplace dining commons, Jazzman’s Café, and other University offices & meeting spaces are located.

  • CLR – Center for Learning Resources – the University’s main tutoring hub.

  • CSS – Center for Student Success – provides support, resources & advising. Can help with academic advising, development of soft skills, etc.

  • CTE – Center for Teaching Excellence - provides a wide range of teaching consultations and teaching workshops.

  • CSELO – Center for Student Engagement, Leadership and Orientation: this office houses student organizations, new student orientation, and more.

  • UNH vs. UNewHaven: Typically, the University avoids abbreviating our name to UNH so as to differentiate ourselves from the University of New Hampshire. UNewHaven is a common substitute.